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Perceptual Map Template updated Feb 2020. Click here to download the free Excel template… free_perceptual_map_template_2020

This link will open as an Excel spreadsheet and is ready to use. You simply input into the grey-colored cells and the chart is produced at the bottom of the spreadsheet – ready to copy and paste.

Overview of the Template

When you open the template, it looks like this…

free perceptual map template

And when you enter your marketing data (axis/attribute labels, brands/firms, and perceptual scores), then the perceptual map is produced automatically and looks like this…

example perceptual map template

What’s New in the 2020 Template Version?

The mapping template is maintained and updated yearly. The 2020 version now includes:

  • A Data Converter spreadsheet (in a separate worksheet tab) – that allows you to convert data in any scale into a 1 to 9 scale for improved formatting and presentation of your perceptual map
  • Improved instructions – although this Excel template is very easy to use, simple step-by-step instructions are available to follow
  • And although not recommended, a password to unprotect the worksheet is listed at the top of the template

Tips on Using the Mapping Template

Perceptual maps are designed to show the perceived positioning of brands in the marketplace. Overall consumer, or market segment, perceptions are shown for competing brands.

The template uses a traditional two-axis perceptual map that is usually taught to marketing undergraduate students. But please note that positioning maps can be constructed in different ways. Therefore, this website has several templates available that can produce different forms of positioning maps.

The spreadsheet is easy to use, but you can follow these instructions for more information. You can produce all the perceptual maps in COLOR, please see the section on how to format your map.

There is also a separate data convertor spreadsheet available if your starting data is not in a 1 to 9 point scale – but this is now automatically included in the 2020 updated template.

Check Out Multi-Map Template

If you need to construct more than one perceptual map – which is the most common scenario – then you might be better off with the Fast Perceptual Map Maker. This template allows the input of up to 10 attributes and up to 25 brands, which then enables you to review up to 45 perceptual maps within a few minutes. A great analysis tool.

Need Help?

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Instructional Video on Using the Template

The following video also shows you how to use the Excel template.

Academic Journal Article

Perceptual Position and Competitive Brand Strategy in a Two-Dimensional, Two-Brand Market