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Click here to download the perceptual map template… free_download_perceptual_map_template

This link will open as an Excel spreadsheet and is ready to use. You simply input into the grey-colored cells and the chart is produced at the bottom of the spreadsheet – ready to copy and paste.

Please note that this is the traditional two-axis perceptual map that is usually taught to marketing undergraduate students. This website has several templates available that can produce different forms of positioning maps.

The spreadsheet is easy to use, but you can follow these instructions for more information. You can produce all the perceptual maps in COLOR, please see the section on how to format your map.

There is also a data convertor spreadsheet available if your starting data is not in a 1 to 9 point scale.

If you have any problems, just email me and I’ll see if I can help you. (email =

The following video also shows you how to use the Excel template.