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Lots of Great Mapping Tools

This website has been primarily designed to assist marketing students and marketing practitioners to quickly understand and create easy perceptual maps for marketing purposes.

As you know, perceptual maps are an excellent tool for communicating and analyzing positioning.

There are now several perceptual mapping templates available on this website (see full list below), with the two most popular map making Excel tools being:

Lots of Great Information on Perceptual Maps

List of All the Perceptual Map and Other Templates

  1. Perceptual map maker template (free)
  2. Multi-perceptual map maker (great for analysis, quickly makes multiple perceptual maps)
  3. Multi-dimensional (MDS) perceptual map template (free version)
  4. MDS perceptual mapping tool (small fee)
  5. Overall similarities gap map (a variation of a perceptual map)
  6. Customer journey map maker template (free)

Need Help?

I hope that you find the spreadsheet templates easy to use, as well as being a big time-saver. If you have any questions, you can email me.

Or I can design a template for you – email me for a quote. Email = geoff@perceptualmaps.com

About the author: Geoff Fripp

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