Premium MDS Mapping Template

Get the Premium MDS Mapping Template

Need a deeper dive into your perceptual mapping and consumer perception data? Then check out the premium MDS Excel template – start with the trial version and/or review the below video.

Test with the Free MDS Excel Template

A free version of the multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) template is available for immediate download on this website. This is a great starting point to help unlock the power of more detailed and insightful perceptual mapping.

Get the Premium MDS Excel Template 

If you require a LARGER template, there is a premium template available for purchase for $29 USD (below).

This premium MDS perceptual mapping template handles up to 25 brands/attributes by 50 brands/attributes. That’s a lot of mapping 

Please note that this template runs on Excel and, due to the large number of variables that are compared individually, it takes around five minutes to produce the map.

Also please ensure that you read how to interpret a MDS map, as the output interpretation varies from a traditional two axis perceptual map.

Video Overview of the MDS Excel Template

This video provides an overview of the premium MDS template – how to use it and how it works.

Further Information

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