Customer Journey Map Template

Free Download of the Journey Mapping Template

Although not part of the perceptual map techniques, here is a free download for a mapping template that will allow you to create customer journey maps very quickly… customer-journey-map-maker

Customer journey maps outline the pathway of the customer from a non-active consumer, to an interested buyer, to the purchaser, to a loyal and ongoing customer.

They are an effective tool in high-involvement purchase decisions where there are multiple influences on the consumer – various marketing mix and experience elements, which we refer to as brand touchpoints.

Example of the Customer Journey Map Output

Here is an example of a blank customer journey map in the Excel template when you start, followed by an example of a completed customer journey map. This second example journey map would be able to be constructed within 10 minutes.

How to use the free mapping template template: VIDEO

List of All the Perceptual Maps and Other Templates

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  4. MDS perceptual mapping tool (small fee)
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