Four Perceptual Map Designs from the Template

What Does the Perceptual Map Template’s Output look like?

The template automatically produces four differently formatted versions of the SAME perceptual map. This allows you to pick and choose the map design that best suits your needs.

As shown below, these four perceptual map variations are:

  1. Brand names in bubbles/circles without colors
  2. Brand names in bubbles/circles with colors
  3. Brand names with dots/symbols (no bubbles/circles)
  4. Brand names only

Don’t have the free Perceptual Map Making Excel Template yet? Take me to the download page:

EXAMPLE PERCEPTUAL MAP: Brand names in bubbles/circles without colors

EXAMPLE PERCEPTUAL MAP: Brand names in bubbles/circles WITH colors

EXAMPLE PERCEPTUAL MAP: Brand names with dots/symbols (no bubbles/circles)


How to use the Perceptual Map Maker template video instructions…

Want to Make More Maps? Check Out Multi-Map Template

If you need to construct more than one perceptual map – which is the most common scenario – then you might be better off with the Fast Perceptual Map Maker. This template allows the input of up to 25 attributes and up to 25 brands, which then enables you to review up to 300 perceptual maps amazingly fast. A great analysis tool.

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