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For Mark…

Here are the two MDS templates (I had to upload as Zip files, as WordPress doesn’t allow for macro spreadsheets directly).

Brand MDS

Marketing MDS


Here is the standard two-axis perceptual map template – helpful for designed a simple, nice looking p/map. It is the free version from my website.



Here is the fast map-maker. It is the one that I refer to in the videos where you can crunch through 300 maps in 1-2 hours, looking for insights.



Link to video for A walk-thru of how to use and set-up the MDS template for Mark’s course. Link=

Mark = You already have this link and was used by your students last semester. It is an unlisted video just for your course.


Link to video on What are the six key differences between Perceptual Maps using Correspondence Analysis and using multi-dimensional scaling (MDS)? Link=

Mark = this was a question from one of your students a few months ago – how to read an MDS vs correspondence analysis perceptual map. I would suggest that this be unnecessary for most students, but provide it here just in case. This is a public video.

Regards, Geoff

Geoff Fripp

Lecturer at the University of Sydney, textbook author, entrepreneur, business speaker, corporate marketing background in financial services