Perceptual Mapping Excel Template for 50 Brands

If you need to create a perceptual map (or a positioning) map for more than 25 brands or products, then you will need to use the create_your_perceptual_map_50_brands_download. It is the same as the standard free template available for download on this site, but allows you to include up to 50 brands.

Tips for using the 50 brands perceptual map Excel template

As a suggestion, you should try to abbreviate the name of the firm or the brand as much as possible in order to ensure that your final perceptual map does not become too cluttered.

Depending upon your marketing goal, you may find that a multi-dimensional perceptual map (such as the correspondence analysis mapping function in SPSS) might be more suitable for you. This website has a free multi perceptual map template, which allows you to map up to 12 brands and 12 product attributes at the one time.

Remember to check out to how to format your map using the information on this website. Likewise, you will find plenty of information on how to use and interpret maps for positioning and marketing strategy purposes on this website  as well.

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