For Carmen

Hi Carmen,

Here is your template – where you can now edit the chart. If the names are over the top of each other, you can click on the name and drag it slightly up/down for clarity…

multi-perceptual-map_test3-can edit chart

But the macro does not seem to have been run. So here is the same template with the macro run (the map looks quite different…

multi-perceptual-map_test3-can edit chart-run-again

However, here is an updated template that I was preparing for 2021. It has the same underlying calculation, but also includes a radar chart tab to help with analysis. It also has the ability to remove brands from the map if it becomes too cluttered. I have taken the liberty of running your data in this new template as well. You might prefer to use this one?

MDS Mapping Template -carmen

Please let me know when you have downloaded these files and I will close the page. It is an unlisted page, so only you can access it.