May 062017

Definition of under positioning Under positioning is where consumers in the market do not have a clear understanding of the key benefits of your brand. This differs slightly from consumers being unaware of the brand, and highlights a problem with the overall marketing communication of the brand’s positioning in the marketplace. Especially in a cluttered [Read more…]

Jun 042016
How to make a perceptual map in PowerPoint

Some students still prefer, or feel comfortable, in making their perceptual maps in PowerPoint. Although not as precise and as easy as using the free Excel perceptual map generator available on this website, it is still an effective approach, particularly for college assignments and reports. There are two approaches to making a perceptual map with [Read more…]

Feb 242016
iPhone Launch Perceptual Map

At the 2007 launch of the iPhone, Steve Jobs used a video to highlight the market gap that Apple had identified. This perceptual map used two axes of: easy to use and hard to use and smart and not so smart Steve then showed the following perceptual map in the iPhone launch (and please see [Read more…]

May 082015
Using a radar chart as a perceptual map

Using a radar chart as a perceptual map is sometimes a very suitable alternative to the traditional the traditional two axis perceptual map. Generally this approach is NOT discussed in a marketing textbook, where the traditional discussion is on the more basic approach of a perceptual map. Please note that on this website, there are [Read more…]

Feb 092015
New Coke: Designed to Win Back Positioning

This this article follows on from initiatives undertaken by Pepsi in the 1970s and early 1980s that effectively repositioned the Coca-Cola brand during the period of the Cola Wars. New Coke’s Repositioning of Pepsi Leading up to 1985, Coca-Cola was facing numerous challenges as a result of Pepsi’s marketing initiatives, campaigns and successful repositioning of [Read more…]

Feb 092015
Pepsi and Coke Positioning in the Cola Wars

A good way to understand the role of perceptual maps in competitive marketing strategy is to review the importance of positioning in the Cola Wars era that resulted in the launch of New Coke. Pepsi’s Repositioning of the Coca-Cola Brand Pepsi “the Choice of a New Generation” and the Pepsi Taste-test Challenge There were three [Read more…]